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WHEN THE DOCTORS FAILED: A New York boy, thirteen years, whose health had given his parents considerable trouble. At the age of twelve his life was despaired of. He is now on the road to become a robust man.
ONE OF MANY: This gentleman has been following the Physical Culture exercise for a little over a year. He shows the splinded development of the system.

HEART TROUBLE CURED: This picture shows a remarkable improvement made in three months, having increased his chest 3.5 inches; upper arm, 1.5 inches; forearm, 1 inch; thighs, 1.5 inches; calf 1 inch. In addition, he has been cured of heart trouble
HEALTH REGAINED: This figure shows the remarkable building up and increase in health after three months' experience with the system.

A CONSUMPTIVE CURED: Two pictures of a pupil who was a consumptive before taking up Physical Culture. Plate A shows him before treatment and plate B three months later.
Note improvement in face; also in neck and upper part of chest and arms. The doctor says there is no trace of consumption now.

WHAT SIX MONTHS WILL DO: A Philadelphian who spent six months in Physical Culture. He was very emaciated, and it was though the consumption would overtake him. He is now in the soundest possible health.
WAIST REDUCED SEVEN INCHES: A Philadelphian, 60 years of age, shows remarkable development. The system cured him of a long standing indigestion and took 7 inches off his abdomen in three months.

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