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Grilled eggplant and zucchini served with garbanzo bean tabbouleh, consisting of chickpeas, tomatoes, parsley, bulgur wheat, onions, olive oil, mint leaves.
Egg plant and hummus, whole wheat pita sandwich with organic tomato, onion, and peeled Persian cucumber. Olives optional.
Organic egg plant fried in coconut oil, topped with organic garbanzo beans, organic tomato basil marinara, minced organic garlic, and organic soy mozzarella. Also served with a side of organic baby spinach, organic sugar plum tomatoes, organic carrots, and topped with olive oil and red wine vinegar.
Tofu fried in organic virgin coconut oil, wild rice, and dandelion sautéed with garlic and lemon juice.
Organic, vegetarian chili with organic zucchini, bell pepper, and dark rye cracker.
Wild rice and beans
Lima bean skordalia: Lima beans, evoo, garlic, lemon.


Madras Lentils, wild rice, and cucumber
Split pea soup with melted cheese served with kefir and side of raw vegetables.
Madras Lentils, wild rice, and cucumber.
Organic broccoli and chickpea salad with shredded cheese and dressing made with yogurt, olive oil, and lemon juice.
Black rice, organic pinto beans, cheese, with cauliflower and radishes.
Mixed salad with baby greens, tuna, chickpeas, apple, carrots, and a homemade lemon yogurt dressing.
Beans salad with feta cheese.


Chicken, lemony kale, beans
Chicken, mixed greens, and lentils
Chicken, beans, and salad
Pot roasted chicken, salad with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing, and dried beans cooked in chicken stock and garlic.
Organic free range chicken, channa masala with chick peas and organic potatoes. Serve with a side of salad or other vegetables.
Brown rice, beans, and chicken with organic baby kale
Southwest chili: organic, free range chicken, white kidney beans, organic chicken stock, Pasilla pepper, onion, green onions, cilantro, garlic, and spices.


Channa Masala with grass-fed ground beef, organic garbanzo beans, and organic spinach.
Mixed bean and grass-fed roast beef stew with organic salad.
Grass-fed beef, red quinoa, spinach, and madras lentils (tomatoes, lentils, red kindness beans, onion, cream, ginger, red chilies, cumin, garlic).
Wild rice, beans, organic ground beef, with Brussels sprouts.


Lamb chop, Brussels sprouts, and garbanzo beans in split pea soup sauce.
Middle eastern lamb and chickpea stew with millet. Also made with carrots, onions, chicken broth, tomato paste, spinach, currents, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, red pepper flakes, lemon, lemon rind, and cilantro.


Homemade bean and spinach soup, made from dried beans, chicken stock, organic spinach, garlic, smoked seasonings, and salt.
Ground buffalo and garbanzo beans in organic tomato basil marinara on egg plant.
Organic baby lettuce mix, yellow fin tuna in olive oil, organic pinto beans, orange bell pepper, and organic mayonnaise.
Dried beans cooked in chicken broth, garlic, and seasoning.

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