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Low Carb

Low carb almond crust pizza:
Crust: almond meal, egg, olive oil, garlic powder, salt.
Toppings: organic tomato basil marinara, parmesan, mozzarella, organic red bell peppers, leeks, mushrooms, olives, Canadian bacon or pepperoni.
Pork loin cutlets and organic zucchini.


Pork Chops topped with homemade basil, walnut pesto. Served with organic broccoli shoots, organic tomatoes, and homemade polenta, made with organic corn meal and parmesan.
Pork chop, mashed potato, asparagus.
Pork chop, organic baby broccoli, and roasted pumpkin.


Stir fried pork and kale with organic refried pinto beans and sweet potato.
Pork and venison sausage served with wild rice, rainbow chard, and radishes.
Roast pork sandwich on whole wheat bread.

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