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Egg plant and hummus whole wheat pita sandwich with organic tomato, onion, and peeled Persian cucumber. Olives optional.
Peanut butter on whole grain bread with almond milk.

Fish, Gluten Free

Wild smoked salmon and cabbage on wheat-free organic brown rice, whole quinoa, flax seed, and sesame seed cracker, topped with goat milk yogurt.
Tuna and organic mayonnaise on flax seed crackers topped with kale crisps and served with olives.


Chicken meat balls, organic tomato basil marinara sauce, parmesan, and arugula on whole wheat sour dough bread.


Organic beef sirloin roast beef sandwich on whole wheat bread with gazpacho.
Organic beef sirloin roast beef sandwich on sprouts whole grain.


Lamb sandwich with goat cheese, and arugula on European Style Whole Grain bread.
Roast pork sandwich on whole wheat bread.

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