James T. Griffing

Internet site: www.ExRx.net


M.S. Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology & Psychology), Kansas State University (KSU), May 1996.

B.S. Exercise Science, Kansas State University (KSU), May 1991.

Work Experience

Internet Publisher / President, (Dec. 1996 - Present) ExRx.net, LLC, KC, MO

Fitness Trainer, (Nov. 2001 - April 2002 & April 2003 - April 2005) YMCA, Olathe, KS.

Fitness Director, (April 2002 - March 2003) YMCA, Bonner Springs, KS.

Fitness Trainer, (Nov. 2001 - April 2002) Jewish Community Center, Overland Park, KS.

Fitness Trainer, (Dec. 1999 - Nov. 2001) Prairie Life Center, Overland Park & Olathe, KS.

Fitness Director, (June 1996 - Dec 1999) Athletic Club of Overland Park, Overland Park, KS.

Graduate Teaching Assistant / Fitness Director, (Jan. 1993 - May 1996) Dept. of Kinesiology, KSU, Manhattan, KS.

Peer Fitness Educator, (Sept. 1989 - Feb. 1991) Lafene Health Center, KSU, Manhattan, KS.

Resource Manager, (June 1985 - Feb. 1987) University Information Center, KSU, Manhattan, KS.

Weight Training Instructor, (July 1983 - July 1984) McPherson YMCA, McPherson, KS.

Related Activities

KSU Campus Advisory Board on Substance Abuse, Former member.

1990 Mr. Kansas, National Physique Committee (NPC) of the USA.

Subjects of Expertise

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Fitness Testing
  • Biomechanics
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Exercise Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Weight Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Drugs in Sports
  • Special Populations
  • Injury Management
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Wellness Counseling
  • Aerobic Training
  • Exercise Adherence


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The American Board of Family Practice (ABFP)

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Nutrition Clinic (Oakland, CA)

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New York Police Department (NYPD)

Human Kinetics

Consortium for Infant and Child Health (CINCH)


SportsQ Pvt Ltd.

Wyle Laboratories, Inc.

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