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Marv Fremerman specializes in motivational psychology and the building of self-esteem through a unique program that combines the fields of sports psychology and clinical psychology. He Conducts Self-Esteem Building Workshops and Positive Visualization Seminars. For thirty years, Mr. Fremerman was chairman of a marketing company that did national and regional campaigns for famous name clients. Based on three decades of practical experience in human motivation supplemented by research and coursework, in 1987 he began conducting Self-Esteem Workshops and Positive Visualization Seminars that focused on the building of self-esteem, team bonding, and how to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Participants have included amateur and professional boxers, including a World Heavyweight Champion, track and field athletes including a women’s gold medalist sprinter in the 1996 Olympics, a NFL Super Bowl Championship Team (Rookies), NCAA Division I basketball teams, professional golfers, Ladies Division I volleyball and softball teams, and a Men’s Division I baseball team. His audio and workbook package, The Dynamics of High Self-Esteem: A Guide to Personal and Professional Growth was sold nationally by Nightingale-Conant, a marketer of self-help recordings, and SkillPath, Inc., a workshop seminar firm. Marv Fremerman is the author of numerous books, including Gaining The Mental Edge in Sports, Gaining The Mental Edge in Soccer, Getting Well, Staying Well, Mind Over Sports, The Relationship of Self-Esteem to Athletic Performance, Psycho Self-Imagery & Sports, The psi Factor, and The Bass Pro Shops Hunting and Fishing Directory. Marv's website is

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