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Medicine Ball Wall Shot



Hold ball with both hands close to chest or face. Stand close to wall.


Squat down with thighs at or slightly lower than parallel to floor. Quickly squat back up and throw medicine ball to target marked on wall, with knees and arms fully extended. Catch ball with arms and knees slightly bent, return to near upper chest or face while descending for next shot. Repeat.


Typically, men throw at 10' (3 m) target, whereas, women throw at 9' (2.75 m) target. Stay close to wall so ball does not need to bounce horizontally, allowing ball to be caught more efficiently. Feet stay on floor with weight distributed between forefoot and heel throughout most of movement, however, no issues if heels raise slightly. In Crossfit, this movement is known as Wall Ball Shots.


 Utility: Plyometric
 Mechanics: Compound
 Force: Push

Force (Articulation)



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