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Please Report Possible Violations

If you find other sites using our content, please feel free to contact me at . We pass these matters to our copyright attorney who deals with these sort of cases regularly.

Republishing Images

I have written an article for online and printed publications and needed some exercise images. I gave the webmaster and editor links to the relevant exercises on your site but they also wants to know if they can reproduce the animated GIFs in the article themselves if they give you credit/acknowledgement?

We will consider your request for use of one to several images. We will need the following to process your request:

If on the web, we will also require this additional information:

Once you are granted permission, we will require acknowledgements stating "images used with permission from" along with a link to on each page our images appear.

If you require many images, you may consider purchasing our clip art collections:

For approval, please e-mail us your project description, image collect(s) of interests, number of images required, along with your contact information to .

Client Handouts

I am a personal trainer from Denmark who really likes your page! I was wondering if it is ok for me to copy the pictures you're using in your page to describe the exercises? My intentions is to illustrate the exercises to my clients. Because I'm doing most of my programs over e-mail.

You are permitted to link to pages or print out pages for your clients. Within an e-mail, you may provide links to your clients for each exercise
followed by your special instructions.

Alternatively, you may purchase our clip art collections:

Thirdly, you may purchase our software and send exercise prescriptions sheets to your clients in pdf format via e-mail attachment:

Revenues from our online store help maintain and allow further development of our free online resources. We appreciate your support of

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