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Here is a sad e-mail I just replied to. I hope my reply is alright with you.

James Griffing

Hello my name is *** and I am 21 years of age. The reason as to why I am writing this letter its because I have a very tough time making friends. Ever since my daughter was born two years ago I don't feel cool anymore, therefore I can make good friends. I spend a lot of times doing sports for example I practice martial arts and weight lifting to make myself feel better, but the problem is that I don't feel confident enough to walk up to people and talk to them.


I must admit, I thought your e-mail was a joke since I too have a 2 year old daughter and, until this point, have only received questions regarding exercise and fitness. After suspiciously questioning a few culprits, I realized this e-mail may be indeed sincere.

Throughout high school, I was very shy despite exercising and having built up my physique. It took some time before I was self confident enough to even get out of my chair to sharpen my pencil in front of the class. Instead, I picked at the wood around the lead with my finger nail or occasionally wrote with the tiny piece of lead that had fallen out of my pencil.

If you wish, I would be glad to forward your questions to Marv Fremerman our peak performance expert. Marv is a compassionate older and very wise man that may be able help you analyze deeper issues affecting your thoughts and situation. Just please let me know if you are sincere.

Write back soon,

James Griffing

Hi James,

Your response was excellent. Let me know if I can be of help.


Please post your questions on the Forum.

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