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To purchase an upgrade from Version 9 to the newest version: Fitness Analyst (PT Edition) $250

What are the major differences between the earlier Fitness Publisher and the current Fitness Analyst?

Here are the major additions to Fitness Analyst since Fitness Publisher last release:

The comprehensive health questionnaire has been moved from Fitness Analyst to Motivation (client internet solution). Fitness Analyst still has the PAR-Q and the ACSM health risk classifications for health screening.

Upgrade prices (from Fitness Publisher to Fitness Analyst)

All BSDI software comes with 30 days of free technical support from BSDI.

Is there a way to indicate super sets?

An earlier version of Fitness Analyst used to support super sets. On other versions you can place the respective letter in the notes field in Fitness Analyst to denote a super set:

Bench Press (A)
Seated Row (A)
Shoulder Press (B)
Front Pulldown (B)

What barcode scanners work with Check-In?

Most USB enabled barcode scanners will work with Check-In. We can send out a working demo so you can try out your existing scanner for compatibility.

If you currently do not have a barcode scanner, we offer 2 scanners;

Linear Check-In Scanner ($340 + $10 Shipping)
(Worth CCD Reader with gooseneck stand)
scans cards 3-6" away
best suited for < 300 members

Orbital Check-In Scanner ($699 + $10 Shipping)
(Metrologic with eye ball on stand)
best suited for >300 members

The Bar Code Scanner takes will approximately 5 days to ship directly from the manufacturer.

What Digital Cameras work with BSDI software?

A) Any Windows XP or Vista digital camera with USB cable. The lowest resolution setting will take up less hard drive space.

How do I make membership cards?

You have three options:

A) You can use the Avery (8871 or similar) clean edge business cards with your own printer and laminator. With this solution you would need to print out cards 10 at a time (number on one sheet) unless your printer accepts half sheets (then 5 at a time). You can print cards weekly or biweekly and have your members pick them up at the front desk. Your members can check in by giving there last name if they are waiting for their
card to be printed or if they had forgot their card.

B) Preprinted key tags are available for $0.45 per key tag (like those tags you get a the grocery stores to put on your key chain). The key cards have the BSDI logo on one side. The opposite side has a
preprinted bar code and a notice: "If found return to BSDI, PO Box.....". You can scan the key card to assign it to a member.

If BSDI recieves one of your key cards they will mail it back to you.
Companies typically start out with BSDI key tags while they are waiting for
their customized cards to be produced. However, you can choose to stick with
the key cards with the BSDI logo and return info.

C) Customized key tags are available at $0.54 per key tag (minimum 500 units) plus $135 setup
We require a GIF image of your logo and your company information to appear on the tag (3 lines, 35 characters per line). Allow 3-4 days for approval plus 3 weeks turn around.

Is there training available for my staff?

We recommend going through the tutorial(s) found under the help menus. Your will also find comprehensive help database under the help menu or just click on the question mark icons by the feature in question.

You will receive a complimentary 30 day tech support with your order. We ask you assign one person as a point of contact for tech support since it can become very confusing otherwise.

You may purchase an annual tech support contract for 15% of the purchase total (minimum $300 per year). A tech support contract is mandatory for large network solutions or if BSDI hosts your solution on their servers. We've found that anyone hosting a large deployment will either have questions or abandon the project if they feel constrained from talking to tech support. Technical support is also available with a single or LAN installation.

Tech support is not a substitute for training. BSDI offers customer training at an additional cost. You have a choice of two types of training:

A) On site Training: $1200 per day plus travel and per diem costs.

B) On-Line BSDI WebEx Training (a conference call with remote computer capability): $200 per hour plus $50 per additional computer connection.

With the WebEx training you will be able to see BSDI’s technical support manager navigate you through the Fitness Analyst. You and your staff will watch and learn via the internet and phone. You can have several people share a computer during the training or add additional computer connections depending on the size of your staff. Please allow approximately 1 to 1.5 hours for WebEx training on the BSDI Fitness Analyst. WebEx or on site training is also available for any of the other BSDI products, including Check-in and Motivation. Please note that training is optional, but recommended, so that you and your staff get the most from your BSDI software solution.

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