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Over 120 Tests
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Fitness Analyst (Version 10.17) is a comprehensive fitness assessment and exercise programming system. It holds all of the demographic, medical, fitness, and exercise data for every one of your members. It supports both group and individual services and emphasizes change over time and progress towards a goal in nearly all its professionally designed reports.

Fitness Analyst is the essential resource for any health or wellness facility needing to communicate a strong, professional image. To ensure that it is easy to use, BSDI has packed Fitness Analyst with an extensive help system and several detailed, click-by-click tutorials. Together with our signature “Folder-and-Page” user interface, we are sure that you will find it easily learned, fast and efficient!

BSDI's state of the art software systems, and the attractive, colorful reports that they produce, will help you communicate a unique and powerful image about the quality of your facility to members, prospects and funding authorities. BSDI is in use at some of the most demanding and prestigious facilities in the world including the Cooper Fitness Center, the Nike Corporate Fitness Center, the U.S. Marines, Pfizer, Prudential, the UK House of Commons, and many others - over 3000 systems sold in 21 countries.

Sample Reports


Fitness Assessment

Fitness Assessment is at the heart of the Fitness Analyst. With over 120 fitness tests, it has the most comprehensive testing library of any software system in the world. This gives you more flexibility when creating your testing protocols and permits you to easily adapt to specialty populations.

The Fitness Analyst supports all of the most commonly used fitness assessments including skinfold pinch bodyfat, cycle ergometry (with a new ergometry wizard to walk you through an accurate testing procedure) and treadmill tests for cardiovascular fitness, pulmonary tests, a broad variety of strength and endurance tests (push-up, sit-up, crunch, max bench press, leg press, and many more), and a number of flexibility tests (including the sit and reach and modified sit and reach).

The software features support for the “Wellness-Fitness Initiative” (firefighter) tests, the Rikli-Jones Senior Fitness Test, and a complete page for performing and tracking the results of President’s Council fitness testing. We also support the NCYFS youth tests and all of the tests discussed in both the ACSM’s “Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription” and the CSEP’s CPAFLA.

The Fitness Analyst will permit you to create your own fitness tests and to customize the feedback given to your clients based on their results.

When you perform bodyfat testing, you can provide results based on the norms from the ACSM/Cooper Clinic, the YMCA or the US NHANES studies. When performing cardiovascular capacity testing (VO2Max) you can select from the ACSM/Cooper, the CPAFLA (Canadian), the YMCA or the UK Allied-Dunbar study. Fitness Analyst can also use metric units with a simple selection in the configuration menu. No other testing system offers you the flexibility of the Fitness Analyst!

The true test measure of our software, however, comes when it is time to provide results to your clients. The reports that you print will truly be the most important way for you to illustrate the professionalism of your facility. Fitness Analyst’s reports are well-designed, colorful, and very easy to read. The will, without question, provide you with the sophisticated, professional image for which you strive!

Medical Screening

Medical Screening in Fitness Analyst is provided in the form of three questionnaires: the ACSM Screening Questionnaire (as revised in the ACSM "Black Book"), the PARQ, and our own "Medical Health Questionnaire" (MHQ). The ACSM and PARQ questionnaires are used to determine whether someone should consult a physician for more detailed testing before having a fitness assessment or beginning exercise.

The MHQ asks all of the questions not found on the ACSM and PARQ instruments: family history, other disease conditions, orthopedic injuries, prescriptions, etc.

Once data has been entered into the system, you can search for clients based on the results for any medical question or on the overall screening results (e.g. "All At-Risk Participants").

Exercise Programming

Exercise Programming in the Fitness Analyst provides a suite of powerful tools for creating tailored exercise programs for your clients. Choose from hundreds of free-weight, stability ball, band/tubing, Yoga and Pilates exercises when creating workouts or add your own. Exercises come with photographs and descriptions that you can print right on your workout cards. Add your own photos with any digital camera!

Our new Intelli-Max workout template technology lets you create workouts in mere seconds while supporting features such as complex set patterns, specification of lift tempo and inter-set rest. You can even create multiple templates following a periodization pattern of varying intensities.

When finished constructing your workout, you can print either a simple workout grid, a detailed grid with pictures and description, just the pictures, or a “workout schedule” wherein multiple workouts are automatically coordinated over time.

Client Service

Earn the trust and loyalty of your clients by helping them clarify their fitness goals. Our goals counseling area features a “motivational interview” format as well as user-definable goal check boxes and a place to record your clients’ commitments to healthier living.

The Fitness Analyst also provides an Exercise Habits and Interests page for you to record each client’s preferred exercise modality as well as information about their exercise frequency, years exercising, typical intensity, etc.

The Fitness Analyst features a variety of attractive, professional Reports and Charts. These individual and group reports and charts are the best way to communicate results to participants or to funding authorities.

We have spared no effort in creating the most compelling, professional reports possible. You can even export reports as PDF files for easy emailing. There are literally dozens of reports and charts covering both individual and group analyses. You can even customize the reports or create your own. See links to sample reports above.

And Much More...

  • Weight and Energy Tracking enhances your weight management programs!
  • Blood Pressure Logging is essential in cardiac rehab or intervention programs.
  • Body Circumferences let you store measurements for every area of the body (and both sides).
  • Unlimited User-Defined Fields permit you to collect data your way.
  • Flexible Blood Chemistry: collect any values and track them over time relative to “safe” ranges.
  • Powerful Query Wizard helps you select, analyze, and report on any cross-section of your database.
    • You can export to Excel or even send bulk email to everyone selected by a query!
  • Before/After Photography integrates with your digital camera so you can store photos of your clients.

Words of Praise

"Light-years ahead of everything else on the market..."

Dr. David Nieman, FACSM

"With BSDI, I am secure knowing that I have the latest ACSM guidelines for testing and prescription. It is simple to use and the reports and charts make it easy to motivate may clients and to show improvements over time"

Joe Felippo, MS
Baptist Memorial Hospital

Optional Add-Ons

 Enterprise Edition
5000 Client Database
Standard Edition
2000 Client Database
Studio Edition
100 Client Database
Fitness Analyst Software $2699 [FAEE]  $1999 [FASE] $499 [FAPTE]
 Local Area Network License
(per each additional workstation at single facility)
Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details
 Additional Options
Wide Area Network License
(Share BSDI software with addtional facilities)
Contact us for details
Wide Area Network License
(Share BSDI software with addtional facilities)
Contact us for details
 100 Extra Clients in Database
(maximum 300 total)
$200 [FAPT100]
 1 Year Technical Contract (per facility)
Contact us for instructions
 15% of Total / $300 min. 15% of Total / $300 min.  15% of Total / $150 min.

Upgrade from Fitness Publisher V9 to current edition: Studio Edition $250 | Standard Edition $699

Software comes with 30 days of free technical support. Also see optional companion software: Check-In

BSDI and Fitness Analyst are Registered trademarks of Brittingham Software Design, Inc. BSDI Check-In is the trademark of Brittingham Software Design, Inc.

Order: 1-888-321-ExRx (toll free) or 816-728-3979

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