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Increase weight safely by microloading strength training with smaller incremental increases to ensure that you are getting stronger in a smarter and safer manner. Made to fit securely onto the end of a weight by a super strong magnetic available in micro increments of 1.25 lbs or 2.5 lbs. Easily attaches and detaches to metal surface of weight plate, dumbbell, or weight stack.

Consider purchasing a second pair since most exercises are performed with two dumbbells and pair of Magnetic Micro Weights is designed to work with a single dumbbell, one on each side of the dumbbell.

1.25 lbs/0.55 kg Donuts (pair)

  • US Price: $37
  • PMD125

2.5 lbs/1.1 kg Donuts (pair)

  • US Price: $53
  • PMD250

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