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ACSM's Worksite Health HandbookAmerican College of Sports Medicine
2nd Edition
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392 pages

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Thoroughly updated with the latest research and expanded to better support the business case for worksite programs, ACSM’s Worksite Health Handbook, Second Edition, has the following features:

An overview of contextual issues, including a history of the field, the current state of the field, legal perspectives, and the role of health policy on worksite programs

A review of the effectiveness of strategies in worksite settings, including economic impact, best practices, and the health–productivity relationship

Information on assessment, measurement, and evaluation, including health and productivity assessment tools, the economic returns of health improvement programs, and appropriate use of claims-based analysis and planning

A thorough discussion of program design and implementation, including the application of behavior change theory, new ways of using data to engage participants, use of technology and social networks to improve effectiveness, and key features of best-practice programs

An examination of various strategies for encouraging employee involvement, such as incorporating online communities and e-health, providing incentives, using medical self-care programs, making changes to the built environment, and tying in wellness with health and safety

The book includes a chapter that covers the implementation process step by step so that you can see how all of the components fit together in the creation of a complete program. You’ll also find four in-depth case studies that offer innovative perspectives on implementing programs in a variety of work settings. Throughout the book you’ll find practical ideas, approaches, and solutions for implementation as well as examples of best practices and successful programs that will support your efforts in creating interventions that improve both workers’ health and business performance.

The book is endorsed by the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion, a new ACSM affiliate society.

Deepen your understanding of the key issues and challenges within worksite health promotion and find the most current research and practice-based information and approaches inside ACSM’s Worksite Health Handbook: A Guide to Building Healthy and Productive Companies, Second Edition.

About the Editor

Nicolaas P. Pronk, PhD, is the vice president of health management at HealthPartners in Bloomington, Minnesota, the largest consumer-governed, nonprofit health care organization in the nation. He is also senior research investigator at HealthPartners Research Foundation and health science officer of JourneyWell, a Minneapolis-based nationwide provider of health and wellness programs.

Pronk has 20 years of experience in the health promotion field as a researcher, developer, and administrator of health promotion programs and services. Since 1993 he has directed health improvement initiatives that involve a systems approach to generating health across multiple sectors, including business and industry. He is a member of the distinguished Task Force on Community Preventive Services, an independent panel supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which presents evidence-based recommendations to the health field.

A member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) since 1984, Pronk served as section editor and contributor for the first edition of ACSM’s Worksite Health Promotion Manual. He currently serves as associate editor for the ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal. He served as the chair for the ACSM Interest Group on Worksite Health Promotion until 2008, when it morphed into the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP), an ACSM affiliate society. Pronk is a founding member and inaugural president of the international board of directors for the IAWHP. Previously, he was a board member of the former Association for Worksite Health Promotion (AWHP).

Pronk and his wife, Stephanie, reside in Eagan, Minnesota. He enjoys spending time with his family and dogs, watching English Football Association soccer after a Saturday-morning run, and riding his Harley on country roads in the Minnesota northland.

ACSM advances and integrates scientific research to provide educational and practical applications of exercise science and sports medicine.

The American College of Sports Medicine, founded in 1954, is a professional membership society with more than 20,000 national, regional, and international members in more than 70 countries dedicated to improving health through science, education, and medicine. ACSM members work in a wide range of medical specialties, allied health professions, and scientific disciplines. Our members are committed to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sport-related injuries and the advancement of the science of exercise.

Our members’ diversity and expertise make ACSM the largest, most respected sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world. From astronauts and athletes to people with chronic diseases or physical challenges, ACSM continues to look for and find better methods to allow people to live longer and more productive lives. ACSM is leading the way in exercise science and sports medicine.

ACSM reaches professionals and the public through a variety of means:

About the ACSM

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is the largest, most respected sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world. What started with a group of only 11 physicians, physiologists, and educators in 1954 has evolved into a diversified professional association that comprises more than 18,000 members in more than 50 different professions today. ACSM is dedicated to promoting and integrating scientific research, education, and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health, and quality of life.

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Professional reference for worksite health promotion professionals, supplemental text for upper-undergraduate and beginning graduate students in health promotion programs.

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