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Wayne Wilson, Edward Derse
2nd Edition
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312 pages

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The International Olympic Committee began its fight against performance-enhancing drugs nearly four decades ago. Testing has become increasingly more sophisticated, but the problem is far from being eliminated. Doping in Elite Sport: The Politics of Drugs in the Olympic Movement addresses the challenges and complexities of the issue.

The first anthology on performance-enhancing drugs in sport, Doping in Elite Sport: The Politics of Drugs in the Olympic Movement is a critical examination of the failure to control the use of banned performance-enhancing drugs in the international sports arena. It provides an extensive overview of the real issues in the battle against doping in international sport.

The text, edited by Wayne Wilson, PhD, and Edward Derse, is based on papers presented at the 1998 conference, Doping in Elite Sport, and includes:

Part I, “The Science of Doping,” provides the reader with a basic scientific explanation of how banned substances can improve performance, the process of drug testing, and the detection of athletes’ drug use. This section also offers a recommended protocol for drug testing and critiques the differences between the ideal and actual testing practices

Part II, “The History, Ethics, and Social Context of Doping,” reviews the complex social and cultural issues surrounding doping. A thorough chronology of performance-enhancing drug use in sport precedes discussions of the ethical and cultural dimensions of the issue. Included is a comparative analysis of how Canada, Russia, and China - three very different countries - have responded to doping scandals involving their athletes.

Part III, “The Politics of Doping,” critically examines the effectiveness of the IOC and the international sport federations in administering campaigns against doping. Lack of political will, financial interests, and uncooperative bureaucracies all have hindered effective enforcement.

About the Editors

Wayne Wilson, PhD, is vice president of research for the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles. He conceived and organized the 1998 conference Doping in Elite Sport, which this book is based on.

Wilson, the author of numerous articles on the Olympic movement, was the cowriter and executive producer of the CD-ROM An Olympic Journey: The Story of Women in the Olympic Games. Since 1990, he has edited a series of research reports published by the Amateur Athletic Foundation on race, gender, and the sports media.

He is a member of the North American Society for Sport History and the Research Council of the Olympic Studies Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Wilson enjoys cross-country skiing and traveling with his family.

Edward Derse is senior producer for World Sports at, where he is responsible for strategy, development, and production for international and Olympic sports coverage. He was previously the research director for the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles. He also serves as vice president of the International Sepaktakraw Federation.

Derse has written or edited four books on coaching and training methods. His articles have appeared in several magazines covering a variety of sports. He also is the sports business analyst for Marketplace, a business news show airing on public radio stations across the United States.

Derse lives in Santa Monica, California and is an avid surfer.

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A far-reaching anthology for scholars, students, journalists, and sport administrators.

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