Stretching / Flexibility Poster Set

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Poster Set

These high-quality, full-color posters complement the Flexibility for Sport and Fitness videos, accentuating the importance of stretching and serving as a thorough reference-at-a-glance for fitness enthusiasts or athletes.

Each poster includes easy-to-read instructions for every stretch or range of motion test pictured. Laminated and printed on durable matte paper, they’re so striking and informative that you’ll want to have them framed!

Testing Your Flexibility depicts 13 simple tests for testing range of motion for all major joints and muscle groups. Stretching Basics illustrates the HK Stretch Routine-14 stretches proven to increase and maintain optimal flexibility for each major muscle group. And Stretching for a Healthy Back presents 14 safe, effective stretches for eliminating pain and building strength in this crucial area of the body.

Special package price! When you order the whole series, you get three posters for the price of two!

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