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Body Weight Training

Cable Attachments

  • Ankle Cuffs
    • Nylon Ankle Cuff
    • Leather Ankle Strap
    • Padded Nylon Leg Strap
    • Thigh Strap
  • Curl Bars
    • 28" Revolving Curl Bar (with swivel)
    • 28" Revolving Curl Bar (with rubber grips)
  • Double Handles
    • Double Stirrup Handles
    • Double Stirrup Nylon Handles
    • Double Handled Triangle (with ergo handles)
    • Double Handled Triangle (with rubber handles)
    • Multi Exercise Bar
  • Lat Bars
    • 24" Pro Style Lat Bar
    • 34" Pro Style Lat Bar
    • 34" Cambered Pro Style Lat Bar (with forged swivel)
    • 48" Lat Bar
    • 48" Lat Bar (with rubber grips)
  • Stirrup Handles
    • Stirrup Handle
    • Open Stirrup Handle (with swivel)
    • Open Stirrup Handle (with rubber grip)
    • Stirrup Handle (with ergo handle)
    • Stirrup Handle (with rubber handle)
    • Nylon Stirrup Handle (with welded O ring)
  • Straight Bars
    • 20" Revolving Straight Bar (with swivel)
    • 20" Revolving Straight Bar (with rubber grips)
  • Triceps Attachments
    • Multi Exercise Bar
    • Triceps Rope (with rubber ends)
    • Leather Tricep Strap
    • Triceps V Bar
    • Triceps V Bar (with swivel)
    • Triceps V Bar (with rubber grips)

Tubes and Bands


Power Ab Wheel Padded Leather Head Harness
Sand Bag Shell and Filler Bags Glider Discs
Padded Nylon Strap Magnetic Micro Weights
Olympic Spring Collars Nylon Stirrup Handle with Welded O Ring
Open Stirrup Handle with Rubber Grip Multi Exercise Bar
Altus Lifting Hooks Leather Lifting Straps
Olympic Dumbbell Bars Dip Belt
Triceps Rope (with rubber ends) Body Bands
Chalk Block Resistance Tubes
28" Curl Bar (with swivel) 24" Pro Style Lat Bar

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