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How do I install ExRx.net on CD-ROM to my Computer?

There is no installation program. If you want to copy the contents of the CD on your hard drive, simply create a folder on your computer and drag all the files from the CD to this file. For convenience you may also create a short cut to the index.html file (ExRx home page) on your desktop or any where else you would like to open ExRx html files. Alternatively you may also view the contents directly from the CD. Just double click on index.html or any other file. Your web browser should recognize it as an html, or web file and will open within your web browser.

I purchased the ExRx CD-ROM. Could I legally print and use portions of the exercise directory to assist my clients?

You can print and use portions of the ExRx.net to assist your clients with or without purchasing ExRx.net on CD-ROM. You are able to use ExRx.net content for educational purposes only. Your clients will certainly pay you for your services. As with any copyrighted material, you are not permitted to delete ExRx.net markings. It is not within fair use to sell any content of ExRx.net or pass it off as your own. Like purchasing all other software, purchasing the CD-ROM is a license for you to use the software, in this case, the ExRx.net contents off-line. See the ExRx.net on CD-ROM User Agreement.

One major benefit in purchasing the CD-ROM version is convenience and access speed. Accessing the CD-ROM is faster than accessing our web site even on a high speed connection.

Also see Use of Images.

I use MAC OS 9 and Internet Explorer 5.1 browser. I can't view any of the pics/graphics when I open a file directly from the CD-ROM even if the browser is open. I was able to view the graphics by going through the web browser first (open file).

ExRx.net and the CD-ROM was originally created on a Mac and is compatible on both the PC and Mac. Your Macintosh or PC should be able open and view the contents directly from the CD or from your hard drive with no problem. If certain files and settings on your computer or web browser have been deleted or altered, you may have to check and reset these settings.

In Internet Explorer select "Preferences" under the Edit menu. Click on "File Helpers" under "Receiving Files". Confirm ".jpg" and ".gif" file extension with PictureViewer. If you do not see this associations on the "File Helper Settings" click on add. Click on browse and locate PictureViewer and fill in remaining options. Under handling make sure View with Browser is selected

If you are attempting to open the graphics file directly from the CD-ROM open the File Exchange control panel. Associate ".jpg" and ".gif" file extension with your graphics viewing program on your computer, typically PictureViewer. Incidentally ".html" should be associated with your web browser within the File Exchange control panel.

CD-ROMs burned on the Mac OS 9 are also compatible with Windows OS but not Mac OS X. We have been burning ExRx.net on CD-ROM on a PC to insure compatibility with both the Windows OS and Mac X OS, but we sometimes burn it from the Mac OS 9 platform which is still compatible with the Windows OS. Please send us an e-mail along with your order if you are using a Mac OS so we can insure compatibility. Please specify Mac OS X or Mac OS 9.

Is the information on the CD in database format or HTML format. I am interested in the easier search feature and may be program set up with database software like Access. If it is not, is there a way to convert it to a database format?

ExRx.net is in html, the same files you see on the ExRx.net website. The precursor to ExRx.net (which only included just over 200 exercises) was created in a relational database format (FileMaker Pro). You are able to perform searches on the ExRx CD-ROM using your computers OS search feature.

My computer connects to the internet each time I open ExRx.net on CD-ROM (or any html file).

Reset your dial up internet connection from always content (when opening a local html document) to only connect when a connection is required (when opening an internet page).

Will I get the latest version of ExRx.net?

You will recieve the latest editon of ExRx.net on CD-ROM, which is what you see on at http://www.exrx.net. Future updates are available at a reduced upgrade price.

Order: 1-888-321-ExRx (toll free) or 816-728-3979

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