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Full Body Workout DVDChris Geagon
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DVD | Length: 59 minutes

About the Author | Table of Contents

New England's favorite fitness expert Chris Geagon has put together 3 fast paced full body exercise routines for the beginner and most experienced exerciser. These phenomenal programs will help you burn fat, and increase muscle in the least amount of time possible. Chris' unique body sculpting programs will help you become a Time Efficient, Muscle Toning, Fat Burning, Machine!

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About the Author

Chris Geagon has a bachelor of science degree in Health Fitness, Exercise Physiology. Chris has been a personal trainer for over 25 years. His experience and understanding on how the body performs during and after exercise is second to none. Chris has trained 100's of individuals, from professional and collegiate athletes to the physically challenged. Chris' knowledge and understanding on how to implement a sound exercise and nutritional program is why Chris has been so successful over the years. Chris not only gives his clients up to date research & suggestions on how to eat healthy and exercise properly, he is a role model in his profession. Chris practices what he preaches. Chris believes that the only way to reach your fitness goals is to have exercise and healthy eating become a way of life.

Table of Contents

  • Routine 1:
    • Bench Press
    • Leg Press
    • Lat Pulldown
    • Triceps Pushdown
    • Leg Curl
    • Bicep Curl
    • Leg Extension
    • Shoulder Press
    • Stability Ball Crunch
  • Routine 2:
    • Cable Flyes
    • Squat Smith Machine
    • One Arm Row
    • Lying Triceps Extension
    • Standing Hammer Curls
    • Seated Lateral Raise
    • Abdominal Crunch
  • Routine 3.
    • Squat with Dumbbells
    • Incline Dumbbell Press
    • Seated Cable Row
    • Triceps Kickback
    • Standing Cable Curls
    • Upright Barbell Row
    • Abdominals on Bosu Ball

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