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Functional Movement Systems: Applying the Model to Real Life Examples

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Gray Cook: Functional Movement Systems, Applying the Model to Real Life ExamplesGray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS
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This live workshop, filmed in HD video using four cameras, took place during Perform Better's Long Beach pre-conference workshop, August 2011, and features Gray Cook assisted by Brett Jones. Their past DVDs addressed how to do specific exercises right. This one flips that idea and instead covers how to pick the right exercises.

Gray Cook: Applying the FMS Model to Real Life ExamplesIt's a comprehensive 4-disc DVD set that will fill in the blanks and answer your questions about using the Functional Movement Screen when working with your clients, athletes and patients. Although different people have a variety of programming needs, we all require a baseline movement map to enhance safety and maximize results, and this workshop lays down that foundation.

A properly executed movement screen provides a unique perspective, and in this workshop Gray shows us how to use the basic technology as a tool to develop programming unique to each individual. But it's much more than a movement screen discussion, because what Gray is best at is seeing how people move, how we learn to move, and how we re-learn movement. He's gifted at explaining what most of us don't even see, and you'll find yourself pausing the video over and over to stop and ponder concepts that he makes sound obvious, but that you've never considered.

Only about a third of the audience during filming had been through the Functional Movement Screen workshop. You don't need to be FMS certified or even use the screens to benefit from this material. Certainly people who use the screens will get more practical use from the workshop.

Each time you watch the seminar, you'll discovere something new, something you've missed the other times or that will have a deeper meaning as you get more familiar with the concepts. For many trainers, strength coaches and medical professionals, this material could be the key to how you work with clients, patients, and athletes in the years to come.

The workshop covers the age spectrum of fitness clients, post-rehab clients, and athletes of all levels. With tremendous insight and enthusiasm, Gray discusses the logic of movement that all of us share. And because this movement logic is common to all of us, you'll be able to apply this new material in your work the very next day.

About the Author

Gray Cook, a practicing physical therapist, has spent his entire career refining and developing functional evaluation exercise techniques. He has taken the Functional Movement Screen and his advanced assessment practices and combined them with reactive-based exercises that enhance motor learning. These two components are the pillars of the Reebok Core Training System.

Gray's ability to teach at many different professional levels is the result of his diverse background. He is a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist with the American Physical Therapy Association. Gray is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is a Level I coach with the U. S. Weight Lifting Federation. He combines his clinical skills with over seven years of professional teaching and lecturing experience.

Gray has lectured nationally and internationally in the fields of physical therapy, sports medicine and performance enhancement. He has served as a consultant to numerous universities and professional sports teams in all four major sports. His is author of the new book Athletic Body in Balance which serves as a working example of the unique way Cook looks at assessment, movement, and exercise. He is also the author of numerous text book chapters and articles related to these topics as well.

Gray's consulting is not limited to rehabilitation and sports medicine. He is equally sought after for his advice on conditioning and performance enhancement. Gray currently practices physical therapy in Southwest Virginia and continues to publish and present topics related to rehabilitation and exercise. He is also part of the Perform Better expert consulting faculty and an instructor with the North American Sports Medicine Institute.

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4-disc DVD set (nearly 4 hours) plus bonus material

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