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Kettlebell Bent-knee Windmill



Raise kettlebell over head. Stand with left arm fully extended upward supporting kettlebell and right arm down to side. Stand with legs far apart with feet angled slightly out to the sides.


Bend over to right side and bend right knee. Reach toward arch of right foot with right hand. Keep left knee straight and kettlebell balanced over left shoulder with both arms extendend. Slide right foerarm along inner side of right lower leg until finger tips contact floor along side arch of foot. Raise back up to original position mantaining balance of kettlebell over head above left shoulder. Repeat. Continue movement on opposite side.


Exercise emphasises load balance and shoulder mobility. Since weight is shifted more to bent leg those hip articulations are emphasised over the straight leg. Also see slightly more challenging Kettlebell Windmill performed with both legs straight.


 Utility: Specialized
 Mechanics: Compound
 Force: Push

Force (Articulation)



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