4 Day Split Program

Torso Pull / Torso Push / Leg & Arm Pull / Leg & Arm Push

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Workout A: Torso Pull

Workout B: Torso Push

Workout C: Leg & Arm Pull

Workout D: Leg & Arm Push


  • Italicized exercises are optional.
  • Generally, choose basic exercises when possible.
  • Choose an auxiliary exercise if a second exercise for the same muscle group is performed.
  • A glute/quad exercise may be substituted for a quadriceps exercise.
  • If a strict push-pull protocol is desired
    • Neck Flexors may be exercised with back workout
    • Wrist Extensors may be exercised with triceps workout.
    • Tibialis Anterior may be exercised with hamstrings workout.
  • If performing lateral raise (isolated movement), move side delts to push workout (after front delts or neck) to decrease overuse of supraspinatus.
  • If performing upright row (compound movement), exercise side delts on pull workout (as outlined) to decrease overuse of elbow flexors.
  • Also see complementary pairing of exercises involving low back.

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