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Author:  AdrieN [ Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:08 am ]
Post subject:  Powerlifting + Weightlifting

Hi guys,
first of all, thank you for all the contributors of the ExRx website, which helped me a lot to write my essays back in uni. I am a beginner coach in strength sports, graduated in sports science and dietetics. I trained for a few years in powerlifting or weightlifting (never the 2 at the same time), but took a serious pause in training due to military obligations :)
Now i'm back in the gym to snap $h1t up, and i am looking for a solid program to train both powerlifting and weightlifting. it is very difficult to find a good program, so if you guys to help find something...
I've thought about doing a westside-style program, keeping the maximum efforts day for strength, and dynamic effort days for weightlifting training, but i am not satisfied with the final rendering.

To be honest, i have a a lot of muscle to re-gain, and weight on put again on the barbell.

Over the last 2 weeks i maxed out to see where i am :
Squat 165kg
Benchpress 117.5kg ( :joker: )
Deadlift 205
Snatch 90
Clean 120 jerk 105 (haha)
Military press 82.5kg

any recommendations ?
thank you guys

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