My diabetes experience for the past 7 years
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Author:  moet36 [ Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:46 am ]
Post subject:  My diabetes experience for the past 7 years

I am 58 years old, diabetic seven years ago, when the fasting glucose test is 15ml, when the glucose tolerance test up to 21ml. There have been complications such as numbness of the toe, itching, and blurred vision.

When I first discovered my disease is very confused, do not have much knowledge of the disease should diet and exercise to reduce the health. 1.65m high but I only weighed 52 kg, people are often tired.

After reading books and materials on diabetes combined with the advice of an endocrinologist, I gradually mastered my activities.

In the diet I only abstain from sugar refining and the sweet little fruits I eat but not much. As I am working, to ensure the health of every meal I eat two small bowls of rice eaten with vegetables, eat more fish and seafood, lean meat, eat vegetable oil, do not eat animal fat.

Regular exercise regimen: Since people with diabetes are prone to hypoglycemia when over-exercising, I choose the sport as a bike because it distributes energy throughout. training process. Every day after work in the afternoon I usually cycle around 10 to 15 km, occasionally walking a few km. Especially in the morning I maintain the exercises of the Tibetan monks as instructed in the book "Fresh Spring Stream". I found this to be a very useful exercise, not only for diabetics but also for everyone to maintain their health.

These are the experiences that I synthesized during my diabetes treatment. Hope it helps everyone!

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