Which bouncing medicine ball to buy? Video revelation!
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Author:  Peter Dow [ Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Which bouncing medicine ball to buy? Video revelation!

I am new here and I am posting here because I sent the following email to some fitness equipment websites here in Britain looking for some sales advice and I have got a deafening silence in reply. So I am wondering if the collective wisdom of this site can advise. Thanks. Here's the email.


I am looking for a bouncing medicine ball. One that is hard-wearing and heavy-duty so that it can take a lot of bouncing off stone walls, concrete or stone-paved ground - that kind of thing.

The weight I am looking for would be around 5.5Kg or 12lbs. If having to choose between 5 or 6 Kg, I will go for 6Kg, particularly if the 6Kg is not too much more in price than the 5Kg. If the 5Kg is way cheaper I might consider that.

Now there seem to be quite a few different makes on the market XLR8, TKO and so on.

I was wondering what the best way to make a hard-wearing medicine ball is so I was looking on the internet for information.

Now I've really got concerns about the durability of rubberised hollow medicine balls because I saw a video on YouTube which shows someone from Si-Boards throwing such a ball up and it breaks in two on the ground. They were promoting their solid polyurethane bouncing medicine ball which they say doesn't break.

They do a 8.5 inch diameter 12lb ball which looks good to me. But that is a California company and I don't know if they deliver to Scotland for how much or if someone else in Britain can supply something similar over here?

Here is the video.
"Si-Boards Medicine Balls Exercises"

So which bouncing medicine ball is best and why? Who can provide the best ball at the best price including delivery to Scotland?

Peter Dow,
Aberdeen, Scotland

Author:  valeriaperez [ Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Which bouncing medicine ball to buy? Video revelation!

I have Valeo Medicine Ball and I'm pretty satisfied with it. The ball emerges for its solid elastic development that enables it to over and over bob off hard surfaces without wearing out. As says domyessay.today the ball is perfect for tweaking balance and for enhancing coordination and creating center quality.

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