What do you eat for breakfast?
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Author:  TimD [ Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:23 am ]
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@RobertB, on how to add veggie. Either raw or cooked cooled. Here's how I do it working approximately 60 hours a week. I like to add chopped brocolli and spinach to my eggs, so I cook up a load of them (usually from frozen), drain them, and save them in a tupperware so I can just spoon portions out when needed. They'll save several days in the fridge this way. Could be any combination. I also do the same thing for my salads. I take a can of asparagus, mushroom, green beans, and whatever else sounds good at the time, mix them in a bowl, and dr3ss them with olive oil and lemon juice, and spoon out portions. Saves well. I do this on a day off, and they last for a while, and it takes no time at all to put meals together.

Author:  RobertB [ Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:55 pm ]
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GTO wrote:
RS- First, its what my wife buys, second , I have heart disease and I'm really careful about wha I eat.

Ahh fair does mate - the q was more to educate myself rather than suggesting it was a poor choice so hope taken the right way :)

And cheers Tim - I'll give it a go, I'm not too keen on "messed with" "kept" veg but only marginally, once it's put into something like the egg I know it's fine - but I'd probably add the oil on the day/hour I'd eat it, went througha phase of throwing mayo in with my salad or oil with my lettuce and it kills it a bit IMO.

Just splitting hairs though - the main issue was certainley the time and your method seems ideal for that - still somewhat of a mommas boy in regards to cooking anything beyond slob food so wasn't sure how fast veg like that went soggy or what raw reg was like.

Guess a quick blast/mixing it in with a base like egg/potatoe whatever makes it fine

Author:  GTO [ Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:51 pm ]
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RS- no problem, I was just answering the question. :headbang:

Author:  Jungledoc [ Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:27 pm ]
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stuward wrote:
Disclaimer: I'm just an internet hack with no medical background so no one should take medical advice from me.
Well, I'm an internet hack WITH a medical background (somebody even was bold enough to give me a degree), and STILL no one should take medical advice from me in a place like an exercise forum.

I have 2 points.

First, I agree with Stu.

Second, it's a real dilemma for any health care professional (particularly US professionals) to go against established dogma for a person with established heart disease. No matter what people eat, a certain number of them are going to go on to further coronary "events" eventually. If I'm the one who has given non-standard advice to one of those people, there are hundreds of doctors around who are willing to testify that I caused or contributed to the adverse outcome. So what does one do? Give the advice that you believe in to people who are still healthy in the hopes that they'll stay that way, but give the standard line that you don't believe in to those with coronary disease? Tell them both sides and let them choose for themselves (that would be ideal if everyone would really study up on the issues)? Move to a tropical island where there are virtually no dietary choices and very little coronary artery disease and avoid the problem? I, of course, choose the latter.

Author:  Helena115 [ Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:34 pm ]
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On weekdays I eat two hard-boiled eggs and a small glass of OJ at 6.30 or 7. When I get to work (at 8 or so) I have two big cups of coffee (with milk) and a piece of whole wheat bread with butter. That's my favorite "meal" of the day :green: Mmmmm coffee.

On weekends I have 4 strips of bacon, two fried eggs (easy over? whatever it's called when they're flipped but the yolk is runny still), two pieces of crisp bread (knäckebröd, Swedish speciality), OJ and coffee.

Yeah, I love eggs. Seriousely could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Author:  jml [ Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:52 pm ]
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I wish I could have this every day...


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