Dub's Journey to Personal Training
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Author:  Dub [ Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Dub's Journey to Personal Training

Alright, I've finally gathered the time and interest to write my own journal. First I thought I would not write a typical numbers log, where I only put up the results of my puny weightlift hobby. No, I have something more. I thought I would cover everything I do revolving around sports and coaching. I shall tell more about that soon. So, this is not a normal journal, it will have the numbers from the weight room, but something more also. I try to update here 1 to 3 times a week, sometimes I might hit rough times, but I think I can manage that.

Anyhow, it's time to get more personal. My name is Ville, I'm 20 years old, from lapland, Finland. I started my studies at Rovaniemi University of Applied Science, The bachelor of sport and leisure. It's a 3,5 to 4 year school, and after that I will probably go on to master studies.(Not too sure about the english terminology here). I'm studying to become a personal trainer/fitness instructor/professional coach, etc. Everything around the sports industry. My studies contain and cover bit much everything you can think of. Right now I'm studying human anatomy and fysiology, which practically means the structure of the muscles, bones, joints and such, the mechanics, names, origos and insertions, and stuff like that. Also I have this artistic gymnastics and nature exercising(Like hiking, climbing..)Going on right now. Later this year we still have rhytmics, ball games and coaching. It get's more literal and deep the following years, as this year we do and try everything and learn the basics to build on. And I also work as a bartender on the side.
I started working out like years ago, but it never got anywhere, as it wasn't so serious, constant nor good. I didn't know much, which showed. About a year ago I can say the weight lifting really started. I have no intentions on becoming a bodybuilder or pro weightlifter. I just do it for the sake of health, desire and of course, looks. About three-four years ago I was obesed and in very poor condition, and I have gone high from that point, and never want to go back. I've been playing hockey for 13 or so years, and last year I started practising Martial Arts also.

Now, The point of this journal is to share some insight about my studies, things I learn over time, things I do. Of course the focus is on my gym results, but I thought I could write something else also. Maybe my writings will wake some conversations or questions, and I'm happy to answer that. I also want to show how personal training is teached in Finland, as it isn't much of a problem here to have these cereal-box-trainers. It's hard, full time study for years to come. It's good to put out your ideas and thoughts somewhere, and when it comes to exercises and working out, this is the place.

I'm currently using a bit modified StrongLifts program. The additions are made by yours truly, and are still on the testing phase. As some things might not work like I hoped. I go to the gym 3 times a week, and pretty much train and play something else almost 6 days a week. So the lack of exercise is not a problem. Here's the current workout:

Workout day A:
BB Squat 5x5
BB Press 5x5
BB Deadlift 1x5
BB Upright Row 2x15-20
BW Chin ups 15 reps(As few sets as possible)

Workout day B:
BB Squat 5x5
BB Bench Press 5x5
BB Row 5x5
Elbows-out extensions 2x15-20
GHR 4x5

Abs two times a week 2x20, right now I'm doing standing ab pulldowns. The rest with SL moves is 1 to 3 minutes depending on the heavyness of the move. The assisting moves are done with half a minute to 1 minute rests. The assisting moves are progressing from 15 to 20 reps, then to bigger weight.

I haven't measured my 1RM's for a long time, partially because I train alone mostly. But I did some 5RM test like 5 weeks ago, and they give you some sense of where I'm going. They're not so accurate, as I feel I didn't put my best on it, and I was alone at that time also. But it helps a little. Here are the 5RM's from five weeks ago:
Squat 90kg(198 pounds)
Bench 65kg (143lb)
Press 37kg (81lb)
Row 55kg (121lb)
Deadlift 91kg(200lb)

Especially the deadlift and squat are not so close to real results. I do squat a bit deeper nowadays, what causes the number going down. I have deadlifted 1RM 150kg(330lbs), so the real 5RM should be a bit higher.

The journal will start somewhere next week, I hope this works out well, cheers!

Author:  Dub [ Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

25th October 2011.

So, I hit my first failure set on this program. It was on the Military Press. No wonder though, I broke my former PR last week, so failure was due. Other it was nice and all, I had the strength to wake up specially for gym at 8am, as my school started at ten. And also I forgot my work out journal to home, so I squatted the wrong weight this week(Same as I did last time, should've been 2.5kg heavier.)

Squat 5x5
87.5kg (192lbs.)

Press 5/5/4/3/1
42.5kg (93lbs.)

Deadlift 1x5

Chin-ups 15 reps. (3/3/3/2/2/2)

40kg 2x20

I left the upright row out today because of the failure on the press. Don't want to beat a dead horse, or nervous system.

Also, this week has begun very easily on school, we've only had anatomy studies, in which we did a huge project around the nervous system and all the factors around olympic snatching. And in one month we have an exam coming. In case you're wondering, we have to know this type of stuff: Quite accurately the bones and joints of human, names and such. The name, movement/function, origo and insertion of a muscle, and of course what muscle is and how it works. Tommorow we are moving to physiology, and cells and heat production and all the joy.
On the exercise part, We played some floorball yesterday for fun, and goed to the gymnastic area to work on some ring routines and did some flips and such. We have this certain ring routine we have to be able to do, couldn't find completely similar routine from the web, but this video has many of the same moves we have to learn to execute. The only difference is, that we don't have to hang up there, because the rings are at shoulder-level. It's not too hard, but to master them is. It takes huge strength to try to your body tight and well, plank. Oh the static training. Today I still have some football in a couple of hours, just for fun also.

Author:  Dub [ Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

27th October 2011

Squat 5x5
90kg (198lbs.)

Bench Press 5x5
57.5kg (126lbs.)

Row 5x5
55kg (121lbs.)

Elbows out Extensions 20/18

Hamstring Raises 4x5

The HR:s are done on the floor with these wooden rungs inserted on the wall supporting/pressing my ankles. Plus I did some additional band pull-aparts with my newly bought band, thought I would test it out. It alright, I might get one stiffer too.

This day I tested a different gym at my college building or whateverthehell it is, it's a sport resort and a hotel also, little more about that later. Anyway, it was this fancier and cleaner, more commercial gym -like. I didn't keen into it, only one bench, only one squat rack and the racks were stupid also, I couldn't get the bar to heights I prefer. Maybe if I had this bodybuilder hypertrophy program it'd be a good gym for me. Anyway, the bench is getting really heavy, as I struggled pretty much with the whole ROM specially in the fourth set. Fifth went alot smoother, maybe it was the attitude of not failing. Bench is hard when you train alone, there's no-one to spot you. You just have to know when to stop. Rows are getting quite tough too. I think the hamstring raises have helped my squat a bit. Few weeks ago 80kg was quite hard already, but this felt pretty light in the end.

Well, this week of school was easy and with little effort. Nothing special much, today we were fooling around at the gymnastics floor, and doing some crazy group formations and pyramids and stuff like that. Oh yeah, and I proved myself again that I can pull a front handspring and also a front flip without any running steps or such. I was proud and impressed. Next in line is the back flip, which is really more about courage. Next week I have to teach and guide other students in my class about how to do a cartwheel and the arabic(?) cartwheel. That'll be fun. Also, our physiology has started, and we are making this show/lesson about respiratory organs and breathing as whole.

Not much more, sundays workout is next, I have to face the deloaded press.

Author:  Dub [ Sun Oct 30, 2011 11:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

30th October 2011

Squat 5x5

Press 5x5
35kg(77lbs.) Deloaded from 42.5kg.

Deadlift 1x5

Standing Abs(cable) 2x20kg

Chin-ups 15 reps (5x3)

Upright row 2x15

So, today was a success with the chin-ups. I finally managed to get the 5x3 reps cleanly. Next I'm heading for 4x4, so that's 16 reps. Lost my gloves today so the deadlift did a lot of damage on my hands. The press was a bit simple, but I quess it's better to deload more than too little, so I'll be more ready when I hit that 42kg again. Next time on sunday, it's going to be serious business.

Author:  Dub [ Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

Okay, so maybe I'll be writing those muscle-infos for my self, and like posting one example here on wether you want to read more. Anyway, today was just awful. Before hitting the gym, I did like one and a half hour of gymnasticks or so, and yesterday I did the exactly same thing, so my whole body was a wreck before even working out. My abs, back, delts, chest, hams..Pretty much everything was tired from all the tens of all types cartwheels, front flips, aerials and handsprings and stuff. I knew that benching near max numbers would be pure stupidity, also I feared that my stabilizing muscles would give in on squats. So, I did a lighter work out, just basically did some assisting moves around squat, bench and rows. I also tried box squatting for the first time. It was very interesting and of course harder, cause my Hamstrings are a bit weak. Anyway, this whole week is terrible in terms of strenght training, so we'll se about the next workout.

1st November 2011

Box Squat
2x10 40kg(88lbs.)
1x10 45kg(99lbs.)
2x10 50kg(110lbs.)

DB Single leg split squat 4x8

Incline Bench Press 4x8

DB Bench Press 4x10

Cable pulldowns 4x10

DB Bent-over row 4x8

Standing abs 2x20

Author:  Dub [ Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

4th November 2011

Squat 5x5
95kg (209lbs.)

Press 5x5
38kg (84lbs.)

Deadlift 1x5
95kg (209lbs.)

Chin-ups 15reps.

Upright Row 2x15
22.5kg (50lbs.)

It was a tiring day at school, but I still was eager to get to the gym and continue my program. The Squat and deadlift felt good, I feel like I really nailed those sets, especially the deadlifts. I think my technique has really improved from the start, as I've been watching alot of videos, read alot of articles and I've put my mind more into it during the warm-ups. The Press is getting close to point where I failed the last time, and it shows. Also I'm breaking 100kg on both squat and deadlift, what will be a big milestone for me.

On school it's been pretty much gymnastics and rhytmics. We had these intensive couple of hours of rhytmic training and exercising with music and stuff like that. It was a lot of fun, but also a bit hard because you had to stay focused for the whole time to keep up. Had my first teaching/coaching lesson today. I had this lesson with a classmate of mine, who is a classic bodybuilder(competes too!) and also does personal training. We had to teach the other class on how to do a proper cartwheel and an arabic cartwheel. I think it went allright, atleast the feedback was good. Teaching and instructing ain't so simple at the beginning.

Author:  Dub [ Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

6th November 2011

Squat 5x5
97.5kg (215lbs.)

Bench Press 5x5
60kg (132lbs.)

Row 5x5
57.5kg (127lbs.)

Elbows out extensions 2x20
9kg (20lbs.)

Standing abs 2x17
45kg (99lbs.)

Hamstring raises 4x5

I barely survived from the bench today. It was my definite max effort, I will most likely fail next week. I had to take my crazy old friend to spot on me for the last set, but I pushed it through without help, but with a ton of struggle. Almost stuck on the lockout. But yeah, that 60kg has been haunting me for quite some time now, I can even say I'm a bit scared of the number on the bench, which obviously stalls progress. Good to get that done. I think I've got the technique on the rows right finally. I could really feel the sets on my lats, and not on the hamstrings. Rows are getting hard also. This program is starting to get hardcore.

Author:  Dub [ Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

8th November 2011

Duration of Excerise: 55min
Average Heart rate: 122bpm (Max 158)

Squat 5x5
100kg (220lbs.)

Press 5x5
40kg (88lbs.)

Deadlift 1x5

Chin-ups 4/4/2/2/2/1

Upright Rows 17/15
22.5kg (50lbs.)

So about 20 more pounds and I'll be squatting and deadlifting 1.5 times my bodyweight, that's cool. I can do that. Great to reach the 100kg mark, it means big weights to me. The press is still agony, but I think I can conquer the feared weight next work out. 4 chin-ups for two sets takes me closer to 4x4, that's also cool. I should film my squats and deadlifts next time because I'm fearing that my form is breaking atleast on the squat. Doesn't yet feel bad though.

School is pretty much the same, still fighting with that respitatory system project, it's a friggin large subject, and a complicated one. Well, soon it's done. Also today we had dancing and gymnastics. The latter one was cool, we were learning some moves on the parallel bars, like this shoulderstand or so, a version of that you can see from the link: http://voimisteluwiki.svoli.fi/wiki/?article=801
Don't fear the finnish text, just play the video. Nothing more much, today is floorball again, that's always nice.

Author:  Dub [ Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

11th November 2011

Squat 5x5
102.5kg (225lbs.)

Bench 5/5/5/4/2
62.5kg (138lbs.)

Row 5x5
60kg (132lbs.)

Abs 20/18
45kg (99lbs.)

Hamstring Raises 4x5

So yeah, The Bench failed. But I'm still satisfied, I succeeded to pull 3 clean sets, and fourth was not far away. I'll try it again next time, and if it still fails, it's deloading time. Other stuff was okay, I left accesory triceps out because of the failure on the bench. I had a friend to spot me which is always a plus, and a bit motivational. Still, I think it is a bit funny that I can the Rows, when my bench is failing. Ain't bench usually the stronger? Well, I've always sucked at benching, and now It is time to finally improve.

Not much new on school, this week was all gymnastics, dance(latin and classic) and physiology. Yeah, studied about the respitorary system and blood and a persons termoregulation and such. Cool. Lots of floorball this week also. I figured I would count how many hours have I been doing even some sort of exercising, the result is about 13 hours. Yeah cool. I think I get enough exercise per week. Oh yeah, next I go bowling with friends, I think that may count too, even tho it's not that good for your cardio.

Author:  Dub [ Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

13th November 2011

Workout length : About an hour
Average heart rate: 120 bpm (Max : 156)

Squat 5x5
105kg (231lbs)

Press 5x5 (Personal record)
42.5kg (93lbs.)

Deadlift 1x5

Chin-ups 3x5

Abs 2x20
45kg (99lbs.)

Upright Row 18/16
22.5kg (50lbs.)

I was tired. What was supposed to be a work-free weekend turned out to be two nightshifts at the bar, so my sleeping is very inconsistent. Last night I slept from 5am to 10.30am. Boy did I yawn alot during the workout. The press still went great, I managed to pull all the reps cleanly, although on the last set the last rep came with full body force from my shoulders, I'd say it's not cheating. I intend to use mainly my upper body though. The chins I just tried to do as cleanly as possible. On deadlifts I had to keep a few second break before the last rep, as I started to feel a bit light headed. But it went away and I was able to pull the last one.

I actually took a video of my squat and deadlift, mainly to see if my form was still good. I'll probably be posting them here also at some point.

Author:  Dub [ Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

15th November 2011
Workout length: 49 minutes.
Heart rate average: 118bpm (Max: 151)

Squat 5x5
107.5kg (237lbs.)

Bench Press 5x5
62.5kg (138lbs.)

Row 3x5

Okay, a shorter workout this day. I was training in the AM hours so I got caught in a hurry for my physiology lessons, which is why the Row was only 3 sets long. Same weight next time. Anyway, the exercise area was a bit crowded because of the finnish national ski jump (and maybe alpine skiing) team was practising at the same time. Nonetheless, I got the bench. But I still consider on doing it again, simply because the last reps were far from perfect form. I don't think the bar even touched my shirt on one or two reps. So, first I'll improve the form and ROM, then I change the weight. But it felt good to beat that obstacle.

Well, short days at school this week, but very interesting subjects. Recently we have been talking about hormones and steroids etc, supercompensation and the whole anabolic/katabolic state of training and things like so. It's useful and interesting stuff, even though you might know something already. Also I decided to take part in a ceminar which is held by the Finnish sportpsychologic association, and it's about the training and development of psychological skills for young competing athletes. The ceminar is promising to provide tips and information of psychological side of youth training to coaches and instructors. If the stuff there is good and worth publishing, I just might put some notes of it over here as well.

Author:  Dub [ Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

This is just a horrible workout week...

17th November 2011

Squat 5x5
110kg (242lbs.)

Press 5/3/3/2/2
45kg (99lbs.)

Deadlift 1x1

Chin-ups 5x3

Abs 2x15
50kg (110lbs)

Okay, as I said, this week was awful. This workout had two major issues:
1) I hurt one of my gripping muscle(s) (Probably one of the digitorum flexors, or flexor carpi ulnaris) on gymnastics the day before. So deadlift failed almost surely because I had no gripping power on my right hand and fingers. Cool. I hope it gets better soon.
2) I was gaining some awesome autum-fever cold crap disease, and now am suffering from it. Must've reduced my max effort.

However I was still able to pull Squats properly, and have passed the 1.5x bodyweight mark by far. That felt very nice. Sundays work out will not happen due to illness, so I'll train again next week. And just for the record, this was week 7 of my program, and week 10 on StrongLifts. I thought I would check my 2RM/1RM in couple of weeks, probably in somewhere along december. I'm sure there has been improvement everywhere.

Author:  Dub [ Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

22nd November 2011

Squat 5x5
70kg (154lbs.)

Bench 5x5
50kg (110lbs.)

Row 5x5
40kg (88lbs.)

Dips 5/3/2/2

Hamstring raises 4x5

Deload day today. I'm recovering from the nasty illness and flu, so I decided to take it easy for this work out, maybe at thursday/sunday I'll go max again. Also I played volleyball for two hours before the work out, after that I was a bit worn out, more mentally probably. My abs were very sore from yesterdays gymnastics and all the dozens of front and backflips and such performed.
I also introduced Bodyweight dips into my program to replace elbows-out extensions, as I figured I could use a change in my assisting lifts.

Not much more, got my anatomy exam tomorrow, I've been working my ass off for that, but it's mostly things you just have to know and remember, which is making it so hard.

Author:  Dub [ Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

No workout today, only dancing and martial arts as exercise for now. I'll probably work out tomorrow or the day after that.
Anyway, I thought I would share my anatomy exam here with you guys, just for you to see what kind of silly things I go through. For me, it didn't go as well as I would've hoped. I'll pass it no doubt, but I just forgot few important things and was in a rush actually, because of the two hour time limit given. Well, if it goes under 3 (Grading scale 1-5) I'll do it again.

1. An overweight anatomy teacher has been diagnosed with flat feet, as the arch of his foot has minorly collapsed. The solution is to work and strengthen the muscles that are active in the plantar flexion of the ankle. List these muscles, their origos and insertions, and give two exercises you could do to work these muscles.

2. The structure of a muscle and the function of a muscle.

3. A client is suffering from torn hamstrings and probably has problems on musclebalance with the front and back of the thigh. List the knee flexing thigh muscles, their origos and insertions. List a few moves/exercises to work these muscles.

I did my best translating these questions, so feel free to ask. We have a querky language here, so some of the words are untranslatable. However, the point on the first was to list all the calf muscles that plantar flex the ankle (duh), in the second I wrote about the structure of the muscle, from the tendon to the actin filaments and myosin filaments, and then I wrote what happens when the muscle contracts (impulse-acetylcholine-Calsium-tropomyosin and such). That I think went very well. The third went okay too, I just messed up the insertions of two muscles. The first question was my nightmare, as that was the part I didn't know so well, there are over nine active big muscles that we have to know between your knee and your ankle.

So I dunno, you can always write or test by yourself what you know, even if you don't have to know stuff like this.

Author:  Dub [ Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dubs Journey to Personal Training

24th November 2011

Length: 50 minutes
Average Heart Rate: 122 (max 162)

Squat 5x5
112.5kg (248lbs.)

Press 5/4/3/2/2
45kg (99lbs.)

Deadlift 1x5
110kg (242lbs.)

No assisting work out today, my abs were totally crushed from all the backflips and other tight bodywork. It affected too much on the chin-ups too. No upright row cause the press surely did enough. Four sets to failure isn't an easy task. Still, one rep more than last time. Next I deload. The deadlift is getting serious, as I can't use double overhand grip anymore at all on the actual set, it's just too much for my grip. Mixed grip is still okay, it will fail soon. The right hand especially. Still playing floorball today. That stacks todays exercise amount into some 4 hours. Impressive.

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