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 Post subject: Jack's Training Log
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:22 pm 

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Hi guys.

I had to take a break from lifting for a while, I recently tested my lifts and I have lost a lot of strength in some lifts and less in others. I set a goal for this year of 2x BW Deadlift, 1.75x BW Squat for sets across, 1.25 Bench for sets across, and 1x BW Press (yikes). I chose multiples of bodyweight to prevent me from just eating my way into oblivion to hit the goal (I'm getting married later this year).

I would really appreciate any insight or suggestions from any of you guys.

Current stats:

Weight: 6' 200lbs, BF% measured through electric impedance at 20%

Deadlift : Tested at 335x5 but it was UGLY and the last three reps probably should not have counted. I hit 370x5 a few months ago but hurt my back (thus being laid up for a while).
Squat: 315x3x3 (successful last week)
Bench: 185x3x3 (successful last week)
Press: 155x1 (successful last week)

So, I have quite a ways to go on the upper body lifts, especially press. I'm pretty sure I can hit the lower body lifts.

Some things that I have to deal with:

1) freakishly long arms and short torso - at 6' I have a 6'4 wingspan and wear a size 34 length pair of Levis

2) Grip issue with right hand - had a major accident a few years ago and had a tendon repair go terribly wrong. It never quite healed right. I have a feeling this is why my DL has lagged.
3) Some nerve neuropathy in left arm that flares up when doing chins or pressing movements. It has been getting better with some tissue massage.

The plan:

Starting Strength from PP / Standard SS / Advanced Novice / Texas Method
Eat 3000+ pure paleo calories daily after four weeks on the program (when I am caught up to my previous 5RM), will look something like:

BFAST: 6 egg scramble
Lunch: 1+lb meat + veggies
Dinner: 1+lb meat + veggies

Sleep 8 hours a night
Log my workouts here for accountability

Fish Oil 2x TBSP daily
Standard Multivitamin
Vitamin D 5000 throughout the winter

Thoughts or suggestions are EXTREMELY WELCOME!

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