Bearing: Weight
Impact: High



Stand with right side facing intended path, feet slightly apart and knees slightly bent.


Hop off of left foot and step right foot slightly forward and to right of where left foot was placed. As right forefoot makes contact with ground, step left leg behind right foot. Hop up off of ground with left foot and pull right leg back under body while pulling left knee up high. Hop up off of right foot and step left foot across front of where right foot was placed. Continue movement pattern to desired point or duration. If desired, repeat in the opposite direction so that the left leg leads.


The Grapevine is a lateral movement drill typically used as warm-up drill. The movement involves moving sideways with feet crossing in front and behind each other. Keep knees bent, shoulders relaxed, and head up. Start slow and build up pace. Intensity may be increased by performing drill more quickly. Also known as Carioca.

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