Row Ergometer (canoe stroke)


Bearing: Non-weight
Impact: Low



Sit on seat. Position and secure feet on platform. Grasp handle bar with mixed grip, over hand grip on one side and under hand grip on side. With legs extended, pull handle bar to midsection.


  1. Side forward by flexing legs while extended arms forward and quickly switching grip so hands are in opposite positions.
  2. Position arm with under hand grip between knees and opposite arm down to side of leg.
  3. Slide back by extending legs. Arms remain straight.
  4. As knees straighten, pull handle bar back to midsection and lean back slightly. Arm with overhand hand grip remains lower than arm with underhand grip.
  5. Repeat.


Make sure handle bar is anchored on hook within reach before feet are strapped. Intensity can be altered by damper setting and speed (strokes per minute). Faster wheel spins creates greater wind resistance on fan blades. Damper setting is like gears on a bicycle.

  • Damper settings of 1-4 feel like rowing a sleek fast boat
  • Damper settings of 6-10 feel like rowing a large canoe

Choose a damper setting that is most comfortable. Rowing with damper setting too high will reduce your output and may increase risk of injury. Watch center display for power output or speed. Also see normal rowing stroke.

Force (Articulation)



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