Side Lunge


Bearing: Weight
Impact: Low



Stand facing 90° to left with right side in direction of intended path.


Step out with right leg toward direction of intended path. Lunge down by flexing right knee and hip while bending torso forward and extending arms forward. Stand and lunge to left side in same manner. Stand up and turn 90° to right toward intended path and take one step with left leg. Swing right leg forward and pivot body back 90° to original orientation by pivoting on left forefoot. Planting right foot away out toward direction of intended path. Continue pattern of stretching to both sides, rotating, stepping forward, rotating back in position. Repeat until marked distance is covered, specified time has elapsed, or set number of repetitions have been completed.


This movement can serve as Warm-up and Dynamic Stretch before sports participation or sports conditioning workout. Position feet with toes pointing outward slightly. Keep knee pointed same direction of foot during lunge. Flexible hip adductors will allow fuller range of motion. Gracilis is dynamically stretched on straight leg.

Force (Articulation)



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