Ski Ergometer

Ski Ergometer


Bearing: Non-weight
Impact: Low



Place wrists through straps, up through undersides of loops, then grasp handles with each hand. Stand with shoulder width stance with bent arms in front and hands slightly above head.


Pull both cable handles downward by extending shoulders, flexing spine, and bending legs. Extend arms downward and slightly back at bottom of stroke. Return to original position by extending body and arms upward. Repeat.


Machine simulates nordic skiing. Heels can come off ground at top of motion. Staggered stance places more emphais on obliques. Intensity can be altered by damper setting and speed (strokes per minute). Faster wheel spins creates greater wind resistance on fan blades. Damper setting is like gears on a bicycle. Choose a damper setting that is most comfortable. Skiing with damper setting too high will reduce your output and may increase risk of injury. Watch display for power output or speed.

Force (Articulation)


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