Sprint to Turn


Bearing: Weight
Impact: High



Lean forward with staggered stance, left leg bent forward and right leg and hips slightly bent behind body. Extend left arm back along side body and bend right arm under shoulder. Push off explosively with both legs. 


Sprint and attempt to accelerate as quickly as possible toward turn-around line or cone. Decelerate just before crossing line or approaching cone. Run around cone or quickly change direction immediately after crossing line. Sprint back to starting point, again attempt to accelerate as quickly as possible. Sprint without further deceleration until passing over initial starting line.


Sprinting on balls of feet, as opposed to toes, creates maximum push off on ground and forward acceleration. During the acceleration phase, keep foot’s point of contact slightly behind center of mass. Overstriding in acceleration phase places foot’s point of contact too far forward thereby slowing speed. Therefore begin with slightly shorter steps while extending length and speed of each stride throughout acceleration phase.

During deceleration phase, heels can make initial contact with ground.

Starting position may also include 3 or 4 point starting position. 4 point stance involves kneeling on ground with feet staggered. Place hands on ground below shoulders with arms straight. Raise hips higher than shoulders while keeping knees bent. Front knee positioned around a 90° and rear knee angled between 100° to 130°.

Also see Sprint.

Force (Articulation)



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