Swim: Freestyle


Bearing: Non-weight
Impact: Low



Float prone with body extended in the water facing downward to bottom of pool. Extend right arm straight forward with palm downward and elbow pointed to side. Position left arm extended back to side. Kick in alternating pattern with legs fairly straight. Kick forcefully from hip while straightening leg as extended foot moves downward. As foot returns upwards, allow knee to bend slightly and ankle to bend slightly.


Rotate torso leftward away from right forward extended arm while raising left extended arm to side out of water allowing it to bend slightly as it exits water. As left arm is raised out of water, turn head to left side so head is facing side of pool with mouth out of water. Inhale through mouth under left arm while moving it forward overhead. Return head to face bottom of pull as soon as possible and slowly breath out through nose or mouth. Continue reaching forward with left arm and position palms downward with wrists slightly higher than finger tips and bent elbow higher than wrist. Just before torso rotates to neutral downward position, pull right arm downward underneath body, with fingers cupped and extended in same direction while keeping right elbow pointed outward. Gently place left hand into water, placing finger tips first. Keep left elbow high as arm enters water. With left arm pointing forward and elbow pointing outward, lift right extended arm out of water from side of body. Continue extending right arm to side, pushing backwards. Repeat stroke with opposite sides, alternating between sides.


One kick should be completed per arm cycle. Keep ankles slightly relaxed to assist in propulsion. Kick hard on down-kick and more relaxed on up-kick.

Keep back flat and body as straight as possible high in the water while rotating side to side and turning head to breath. Body should remain turned to one side as arm initiates pull under body emphasizing shoulder adduction over shoulder extension. See techniques to avoid swim injuries to shoulder.

Force (Articulation)



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