Tread Climber


Bearing: Weight
Impact: Medium



Step onto deck of tread climber and grasp rails. Attach safety tether. Select "quick start" or enter program.


Step onto walking belt of upper treadle and allow foot to travel toward back of machine as it lowers. As other treadle rises, swing opposite leg forward and step onto its belt. Again, allow foot travel to to back of machine as treadle lowers. Repeat walking pattern, keeping pace with machine.


Hands can be placed lightly on rails for balance. Avoid transferring body weight or 'hanging' onto handle bars. Maintain close distance from console stepping forward on each treadle. Intensity can be altered by treadle travel and speed (mph or kmph). Cylinders can be adjusted so treadles depress easier or harder according to body weight and desired intensity. Also stepping nearer front of treadles allows them to depress downward more freely. Treadles should not bottom out. Adjusting hydraulic cylinder dial closer to maximum settings permits greater treadle travel resulting in more intense workout. Adjust dial toward minimum setting until achieving comfortable amount of travel travel, displace enough to absorb the impact of stepping motion, approximately 3 inches.

Also see side rear view.

Force (Articulation)



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