Wave Machine


Bearing: Weight
Impact: Low



Step onto back platform with arms extended forward and hands on handles. Step onto first pedal platform. As pedal platform sinks to side place other foot on opposite pedal platform. Select "quick start" or enter program.


Shift body weight onto highest pedal platform allowing hip and knee to straighten as it sinks outward. Simultaneously allow opposite knee and hip to flex as its pedal platform rises inward. Shift body weight to opposite side with opposite movement. Repeat.


Hands may be kept off of handle bars. If handles are used, avoid transferring too much body weight onto handle bars. Exercise can be performed bent over with hands on forward base of handles to emphasis glute involvement or arms in stride with movement with no contact with handles. Begin at higher resistance for warm up. Intensity can be increased by decreasing resistance thereby increasing speed (steps per minute). Also see Skate Machine.

Force (Articulation)




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