Bodybuilding Case Study


Prior to competition, bodybuilders typically employ restrictive dietary practices, intense exercise, and the self-administration of pharmaceuticals to reduce body fat and to maintain or gain lean body weight.

BodyBuilding Case Study

A competitive bodybuilder recorded his nutritional intake, pharmaceutical use, weight training program, body weight, and skin fold measurements while preparing for a state and national bodybuilding event. The subject's body composition and related history had also been documented throughout his career. In addition, the subject reported all facets of their contest preparation. The subject administered a variety of anabolic-androgenic steroids in various dosages and combinations. In contrast to previous studies, the subject maintained a relatively high caloric diet while incorporating a long duration walking regimen. Records indicated a weight gain from 206.5 to 238 lbs in just over 4 months. Within this time, the subject won a state competition weighing 226 lbs at approximately 4.2% body fat. Two weeks later, the subject competed in a drug tested national competition weighing 230 lbs. The subject implemented techniques to pass detection but was not chosen for testing. Changes in anabolic-androgenic steroid treatment positively correlated with changes in lean body weight.


Few studies have actually attempted to study the effects of diet and anabolic steroids on body composition of a champion bodybuilder before an actual competition. This study describes the process of dietary and pharmaceutical manipulation on body composition of a male champion bodybuilding athlete. Various unique pre-competition practices are also described and discussed. The purpose of this study is to document a champion bodybuilder's precontest preparation practices and to attempt to study their effects on body composition. The intent of this paper is not to endorse the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids in any manner.

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