Bodybuilding Competition


Each contestant is evaluated at prejudging in three different rounds. They include 3 rounds. Rounds "1" and "2" have sometimes been interchanged in more recent competitions.

Round Two: Rear Lat Spread, James Griffing in middle

Round 1 (Semi-Relaxed Poses)

  • Contestants are viewed from the:
    • Front
    • Back
    • Both sides
      • Arms down to the sides
  • Proportion and symmetry are closely evaluated in this round.

Round 2 (Compulsory Poses)

  • Contestants are viewed in seven or more mandatory poses.
    • Front double biceps
    • Rear double biceps
    • Front lat spread
    • Rear lat spread
    • Side chest
    • Side triceps
    • Abdomen (leg extended)
    • Most muscular pose
    • Other requested by judges
  • Other auxiliary poses requested by judges
  • Mass and definition are closely evaluated in this round.

Round 3 (Free Posing)

  • Contestants are allowed sixty seconds to go through their individual posing routines without music.
  • All components, including stage presentation are evaluated during this round.

Evening Show

Before the evening show, all contestants have already been placed except for the overall winners from each weight class.

Free posing to music

The evening show allows the contestant to show their friends and audience what competitive bodybuilding is all about. Each contestant is given ninety seconds to perform their individual routine to the music of their choice.


The top contestants within each weight class are allowed to present their best poses to the audience before the placing is announced.

Overall Posedown

The winners from each weight class are brought back through rounds "1" and "2" of the prejudging to determine the overall winner. They are once again allowed to present their best poses to the audience and judges in an attempt to "outshow" the others. The overall winner is announced.

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