Bodybuilding Posing Tips

James Griffing during free posing rountineFront Semi-relaxed

  • Slight lat spread
  • Elbows bent and slightly out (accentuates arms)
  • Slightly flex wrist
  • Hands clasped
  • Lift chest
  • Thighs turned out slightly (quad sweep)
  • Keep feet close together (calves will appear larger)
  • Knees slightly bent, further apart than ankles
  • Abduct hips (brings out cuts on upper quads)

Rear Poses

  • Turn head (brings out upper traps)
  • Squeeze glutes, hams, and calves
  • flex abdomen (brings out low back muscularity)

Side Poses

  • Pull in abdomen or flex
  • Squeeze thighs together to push out hamstrings
  • Chest high
  • Flex far pec (shows cut of the inner chest)
  • Consider elbows slightly back without exposing space behind back (add thickness)
  • Slight twist toward the audience.
  • Bend elbow slightly
  • Flex Triceps

Biceps Poses

  • Position fist above biceps (complimentary shapes)
  • Position elbow shoulder height or slightly higher
  • Consider placing the thumb in fist (less detracting)

Lat Spread

  • Grasp back of hips with thumbs and fist
  • Slide so knuckles are into sides, not back or front
  • Top of hands should be horizontal
  • Elbow further forward than abdomen
  • Chest high
  • Keep shoulders from rising, or shrugging



  • Transitions are movements between poses
  • Move arms in a circular path
    • sometimes in a line
  • Hand postures Pose 2
    • Open hands during the transaction
      • takes focus away from the body
    • Clinch fists during the pose
      • brings focus to pose
  • Turns
    • Implement 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 turns
    • Step over, raise, and rotate

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