Kid's Body Composition



Triceps (mm)

Calf (mm)

Lean Weight

Fat Weight

% Fat

- Optimal Range



Enter information in the left column; select appropriate menus. Click "Calculate". Ratings are Very Low, Low, Optimal Range, Moderately High, High, Very High. Evaluates body composition for children up to 18 years of age.

Health risks may begin when body percent fat exceeds 25% in boys and 30% in girls ages 6 through 18 years of age (Williams et. al. 1992).

Slaughter MH, Lahman TG, Boileau RA, et al., 1988. Skinfold equation for estimation of body fat in children and youth. Human Biol 60:709-723.

Lohman TG, 1987. The use of skinfold to estimate body fatness on children and youth. JOPERD 58:98-102.

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