Push Up Test




Population Average




Select sex and enter information in left column. Click "Calculate". Evaluates upper body muscular endurance for ages 15 through 69 years of age.

Subject performs as many repetitions as possible without pausing. Subject should be encouraged to perform one or two trial repetitions before test.

  • Elbows fully extended
  • Male subject (See animation)
    • forefoot or toes on floor
    • legs, hips, and back straight
    • tester places upright fist below chest of male subject
      • contact with testers fist
  • Female subject (See animations)
    • knees on floor or mat
    • hips and back straight
    • tester gives verbal feedback to female subject on depth of push-up
      • shoulders the same height of elbow

This calculator replaces older pushup calculator. This newer calculator incorporates more recent norms and can be used for younger individuals.

Adult Norms: Nieman, DC, Exercise testing and Prescription: A health related approach, 4th ed., Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Publishing, 1999.

Adolescent Norms: Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness Operations Manual, 3rd ed., Health Canada, 1986.

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