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After a brief warm up, the subject walks as briskly as possible for one mile (1609 meters) with a heart rate monitor. Tester records heart rate (beats per minute) and time of completion. Evaluates cardiovascular fitness for adults.

It is important to accurately measure exercise heart rate. Heart rate was electronically monitored in the original study. A 10 second (Rockport) or 15 second (ACE) pulse may be used if the tester is very proficient but an electronic heart rate monitor is recommended. See post-exercise palpation of pulse rate study.

This test can be administered outdoors on a track or on a treadmill and will give similar results (Nieman, 1999).

R = 0.88; SEE ± 5.0 ml/kg/min

Kline GM, Porcari JP, Hintermeister R, et. al. 1987. Estimation of VO2 Max from a one mile track walk, gender, age, and body weight. Medicine and Science in sports and Exercise. 19:253-59.

Nieman DC (1999) Exercise Testing and Prescription: A Health-Related Approach (4th Ed.). Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Publishing Company, pp 90.

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