Senior's Chair Stand Test




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Select sex and enter information in left column. 'Repetitions' is the number of times subject stands within 30 seconds. Click "Calculate". Evaluates lower body strength/endurance for seniors, 60 through 94 years of age.

Instruct the subject:

"Do the best you can on each test item, but never push yourself to a point of overexertion or beyond what you think is safe for you."

Subject should be encouraged to perform a trial of one or two repetitions before test to clarify form.

  • Sit on chair with feet shoulder width close to chair
  • Maintain arms across chest
  • Stand up without pushing off with arms
  • Repeat until 30 seconds expires

Test administrator provides test instructions to subject, keeps time, counts number of repetitions completed in 30 seconds, and announces when time has been completed. Normal ranges are between the 25th and 75th percentiles as indicated by score.

Chair stand performance correlates well with stair-climbing ability, walking speed, and risk of falling. The Senior's Chair Stand Test provides a reliable and valid indicator of lower body strength and has also been shown to be safe and sensitive method in detecting (1) age-related declines in strength and (2) the effects of physical training in older adults.

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