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Values above 47.24" (120 centimeters) are interpreted as body height. In which cases, the average step length is approximated automatically by multiplying body height by 0.414. Entering an actual step length may increase accuracy.

Step length can be measured by counting steps on course of known distance (measured path, athletic field, etc.) then calculated by dividing the number of inches or centimeters on course by the number of steps. For example, 70 steps on a 50-meter course (5000 cm / 70 steps) would reveal a 71.43 cm step.

Step length is the distance between the point of initial contact of one foot and the point of initial contact of the opposite foot. In contrast, stride length is the distance between successive points of initial contact of the same foot.

Step Standards

For ideal BMI, the minimum recommended daily steps for 6-12 year old children are 12,000 steps/day for girls and 15,000 steps/day for boys (Tudor Locke et al 2004).

Steps / Day Classification
< 5000 Sedentary
5,000-7,499 Low Active
7,500-9,999 Somewhat Active
10,000 Active
>12,500 Highly Active

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Tudor-Locke C, Bassett, DR Jr. (2004). How Many Steps/Day Are Enough?: Preliminary Pedometer Indices for Public Health, Sports Medicine. 34(1):1-8.

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