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Heart Rate






Take resting measurements with the subject seated. Enter information in the left column; blood pressure, heart rate beats per minute (BPM), and select appropriate gender. Click "Calculate". Evaluates adults (18 years of age and older) blood pressure and heart rate.

Hypertension classifications may only be appropriate when the subject is not taking antihypertensive medications and they are acutely ill. When the systolic and diastolic pressures fall into different categories, the higher category is used to classify blood pressure status.

Optimal blood pressure is approximately 120 / 80 mm Hg. Medical intervention is often prescribed by a physician for those with an average blood pressure of 140/90 mm Hg or greater on at least 2 separate visits following initial screening.

Use appropriately size cuffs. The bladder in the cuff should cover two-thirds of the arm circumference to avoid false measurements.

Size Arm Girth Bladder dimensions
Child 13-20 cm 8 x 13 cm
Adult 24-32 cm 13 x 24 cm
Large 32-42 cm 17 x 32 cm

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