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Enter information in left column; enter weights and select the appropriate menu if required. If needed, modify Weight Plate Pairs 'Available' according to your inventory. Click "Calculate". Calculate the number of weight plate pairs needed on the barbell (plates on each side) to reach the closest weight without exceeding target weight. If it is not possible to reach the target with the available weights, a value greater than 0 (Target Weight - Final Weight) will appear in the 'Difference' field.

Percentage pulldown field can be used to calculate required weight plates for either warm-up set(s) or a specific percentage(s) of a 1RM. If the weight of the collars should not be included as part of the final weight, select 'None' for Collars. Approximate weights of barbell and collars are provided below. Exact weights may vary. 'Bar Weight' can also be used to indicate the weight of a sled on a leg press or hack squat machine.

Also see Metric (Kilograms) Weight Plate Barbell Racking Calculator.

Barbell Weights

  • 65 lb - Safety Squat Bar
  • 52 lb - Buffalo Bar
  • 45 lb - 7' Olympic Bar
  • 45 lb - Cambered Bar
  • 45 lb to 75 lb - Trap Bar
  • 35 lb - 6' Olympic Bar
  • 35 lb - Swiss Bar
  • 25 lb - 5' Olympic Bar
  • 17 lb or 25 lb - EZ Curl Bar

Collar Weights

  • 2 @ 8 oz = 1 lb Spring Collars
  • 2 @ 1 lb = 2 lb Clamp Collars
  • 2 @ 5 lbs = 10 lb Standard Collars

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