Most Common Training Mistakes

  • OvertrainingMost Common Training Mistakes
    • Do not use workouts that are too long or too intense
    • Cycle durations and intensities
    • Change workouts periodically
    • Recognize individual differences in fitness levels and genetics
  • Undertraining
    • Train with proper intensity, durations, and frequency specific to training goal(s)
  • Using exercises and work-rate intensities that are not sport specific
  • Failure to plan long-term training schedules to achieve specific goals
    • Periodize training goals
    • Plan and record training schedule designed to achieve specific fitness objectives in stages at various times throughout the year
  • Failure to regularly assess efficacy of training program
    • Utilize test(s) that accurately assess performance or fitness component(s)
    • Test training objectives periodically and modify program accordingly
      • Allow adequate time for improvements
        • Change must be greater than measurement error
      • Do not wait too long between assessments
        • only to discover little progress was achieved
  • Failure to taper training prior to a competition
    • Reduce training intensity and volume several days prior to an event
    • Tapering increases performance by providing recovery time
      • Muscles resynthesize glycogen to maximal levels
      • Muscles and joints to recuperate from training induced damage
  • Also see:

"...failure to plan is planning to fail."

Balui, I. (1995). Planning, periodization, integration and implementation of annual training programs. Presentation to and in proceedings of the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference, Gold Coast, Australia. (pgs 40-66).

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