Exercise & Weight Loss

Diet and Exercise

  • Caloric restriction without exercise
    • Loss of muscle
      • Subsequent greater loss of resting metabolic rate (RMR)
      • No toning effect
    • Greater likelihood of regaining weight
      • Exercise is the leading predictor of long term weight maintenance
  • Exercise without proper Dietary Intervention
    • Much more activity must be performed for longer periods for even a modest loss of weight
      • Exercise or activity must be performed most days of the week.
      • Aerobic Exercise
        • progress to at least 45 minutes, 60-90 minutes recommended
      • Anaerobic Exercise
        • hastens fat loss and restores muscle mass
        • but does not significantly reduce body weight without dietary changes

Weight Loss versus Fat Loss

  • With a typical exercise program, it is common to maintain weight, yet lose fat and gain muscle
    • Girth can decrease since muscle is denser than fat.
    • A sheer gain in muscle results in a lower percent of body fat
    • Improvements in diet may be needed for substantial loss of fat
  • Regular Body Composition Tests can assess the effectiveness of a program
    • Absolute weight of fat and lean body weight should be tracked and analyzed
    • Dietary and exercise goals can be adjusted accordingly

Combining Anaerobic and Aerobic Activity

  • Aerobic exercise burns fat during exercise but has little effect on calorie expenditure after exercise
    • Aerobic exercise should begin "light" and progress to "somewhat" hard throughout the first few weeks
      • Progressively longer durations and intensities
      • Higher intensities
        • associated with higher dropout rates for beginners
        • can be implemented later for more time-efficient workouts
  • Intense anaerobic exercise increases the metabolism hours after exercise
  • Weight training
    • Restores muscle that had been lost over the years from sedentary modern lifestyle.
      • One pound of muscle can burn 30 to 50 Calories a day
      • One pound of fat burns only 3 Calories a day

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