Resistance Weight Training During Caloric Restriction Enhances Lean Body Weight Maintenance

(8 week program, 40 obese women)
Control Diet Weight Training Weight Training & Diet
Weight (kg) -0.38 -4.47 0.45 -3.89
Fat (kg) -0.07 -3.56 -0.62 -4.32
Lean mass (kg) -0.31 -0.91 1.07 0.43

The group that weight trained and dieted lost more fat than the groups that either dieted or weight trained alone. This study also demonstrates that weight training can maintain (or increase) lean mass while dieting.


Ballor DL, Katch VL, Becque MD, Marks CR, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 47(1): 19-25, 1988.

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