Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss success will require a high degree of motivation and the ability to change your lifestyle. The following tips may help you achieve your weight loss objectives.

  • Master one change at a time
    • Begin with easiest change(s)
    • Introduce a new challenge every 1-2 weeks until it becomes a habit
  • Utilize both diet and exercise
  • Learn what and how to eat
    • Make eating right a lifetime habit
      • Permanent weight management is a learned skill
      • Do not rely solely on discipline or will power
    • Fill up on nutritious foods
  • Possible strategies
  • Make subtle changes based on results
    • Sustained weight loss occurs by modest reduction of calories or carbohydrates, or a combination of both.
    • Reducing them too aggressively can temporarily decrease muscle mass and energy levels.
    • Make the minimum change that will elicit fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.
  • Keep a food journal
    • recording everything you eat can double your weight loss (Hollis 2008, Am J Prev Med)
    • consider recording additional information:
      • appetite before eating (1-10) and fullness at end of meal (1-10)
      • emotions before eating
    • can be done for 2 weeks or until sufficient insights and habits are formed
  • Don't lose control
    • Eat regular meals and snacks
      • Have a variety of healthy food always available
    • Do not eat just what is convenient
      • Don't have processed snack foods available
        • Throw them away, give them away, don't buy them.
      • Eat before being around processed snack foods
        • eg: party, shopping, etc.
    • Factors that increase food consumption
      • proximity
      • convenience
      • larger servings or additional food on table
      • larger serving container or plate
      • larger serving utensil
      • distractions
        • watching TV
        • eating in car
      • not seeing remains what you've eaten
        • used serving plates, eaten food portion, bones, seeds, etc.
        • restaurant server takes plates
    • Understand mistakes will be made
      • After moments of weakness
        • forgive yourself and get back on track as soon as possible
  • Manage your time
  • Develop social support
  • Objectively monitor your progress periodically
  • Allow adequate time for improvements
    • Change your program if progress is not observed
  • Don't focus solely on weight loss. Focus on:
    • Changes in body composition
    • Behavioral goals such as practicing healthy lifestyle
    • Feeling better through proper nutrition and regular exercise
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