Thigh Exercises

See Gluteus Maximus for similar exercises.

Also see kettlebell exercises:

For exercises for the Rectus Femorus (One of four heads of the Quadriceps) see Hip Flexors (All) and Rectus Abdominis (basic exercises).

Hip Adductors

Adductors, Pectineus, Gracilis

Adductor Magnus (ischial fibers)

See Quadriceps (compound movements only) and Gluteus Maximus for basic exercises for Adductor Magnus, Posterior Fibers. Compound Quadriceps exercises can be performed with a wide stance to exercise the Adductors of the Femur.

Range of motion is greater for the ischial fibers of Adductor Magnus when performing single leg presses with resting leg positioned down or lunges or single leg split squats with resting leg positioned back. This staggard leg position inhibits the hip from turning posteriorly so its involvement is emphasized.

See Hips for Hip Abductors (outer hip) and Hip Flexors.

For Popliteus, see Hamstrings exercises (above).